On first hearing the album I felt as if I was still asleep and had entered a magical world of my dreams. The first track welcomes you to Living a Concept by Lena, and then Connach joins her with haunting vocals. The Sound Producer did a brilliant job of making sure that the individual can hear all the lyrics of each song. The album is made up of 11 songs, and each one is unique. The songs have an amazing pathos to them that truly will touch your heart in all dimensions. My favourite song has to be 'Ca Va' which is right at the end of the album that brought back haunting memories of the days of my youth. Although I am the daughter of a Sound Recordist I would not normally recommend an album, but I truly feel that this album is worth listening to, and I am sure that Connach will be a force to recon with in the future.

-Caroline Clarkson-Drake

After listening to the new CD by the band, CONNACH, “Living a Concept”, I am utterly captivated. This is such a versatile album, and the energy and feel of each track is unique. Each song is so very different, evoking an emotional response to each one that I find differs each time I hear them. The band has expanded their talent since they began working together which is obvious in their live as well as recorded performances. Track 5 is my all-time favourite. I can’t stop listening to that one and play it over and over in my car. The guitar work is spine tingling. I so look forward to hearing new songs as the band matures and grows. I am so proud of what Connach and Lena have accomplished with this release. I’ve heard a few people say at first, they don’t quite understand the concept of the band but then say they are quite blown away seeing them perform live. Connach and Lena are new and refreshing. Seeing them live myself, I felt I was living a ‘concept’. It’s hard to ignore the passion and dedication they have both contributed in playing their instruments and developing the album. This is a young band that cannot be ignored. In the crazy world we live in right now, it has just blown me away to see our youth produce music with such passion and love of their craft. Lena is such a calm presence on the stage and is a perfect balance for the fire and energy Connach produces.

- Julie