Living A Concept (Physical Album)


Living A Concept is an 11-Track album written by Connach. Order now! (£10 + £2 p&p)

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Why do you lie (debut live)

This is a video of the very first song we have performed live! The song is called "Why Do You Lie" and it is going to be on our upcoming album, "Living a Concept" coming out very soon!

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Welcome to Connach!

Connach is a british cult rock band based in Dorset. 
The members of the band are; 
Connach Jameson, guitarist, singer songwriter and  
Lena M Paak, bassist and vocals. 
The young blood of the band conjures energy for the revival of classic powerful music with their own original songs. 
Right now the band is recording their first album - coming out soon! 
Welcome the children of the sun and moon and embrace the wind of change. 
The band Connach is the incarnation of a storm that will awaken the soul.


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